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A UCAS style clearinghouse for school leavers?

Posted by David Cartwirght on October 17th in Blog, Challenges Facing School Leavers

Andy Burnham the shadow secretary for Education is suggesting that school leavers who do not intend to transition into University deserve a better deal. Providing the same level of support to young people, who are seeking jobs and apprenticeships as those seeking a route to a degree, sounds equitable and reasonable in principle. However delivering [...]

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Is NOT having a degree now aspirational?

Posted by David Cartwirght on September 24th in Blog, Challenges Facing School Leavers

2 bits of interesting information grabbed my attention today. The first was the banner headlines on the Career Builder website that it is possible to have a high paying job in the UK without being in possession of a degree. The second was the announcement that a fifth of UK Universities are in deficit. Amongst [...]

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Character over Credentials – The YEE programme

Posted by David Cartwirght on September 2nd in Blog, Tomorrow's Leaders

Both Anthony Seldon and Ed Smith in The Times over the past few weeks, have talked about the fact that its time to fight back against the tyranny of credentialism. Thank the lord that this topic is now going mainstream. Many of the skills I have employed throughout my career were not gained writing essays [...]

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The Jilted Generation in the Asian Century – A new UK Skills Policy?

Posted by David Cartwirght on August 24th in Blog, Jilted Generation

I have just read a report from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) titled ‘Surviving the Asian Century’ and have been drawn to the section on the requirement for the UK to have a new long-term skills strategy. Here at OBD, this is something that we have known for some time, but to date [...]

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No Riots in Sweden

Posted by David Cartwirght on August 22nd in Blog, Tomorrow's Leaders

Whilst many streets around the UK were dealing with the aftermath of rioting, looting and mindless violence, I was relaxing off the West coast of Sweden with a very talented group of students. I’d prefer to think of this talented group as Europe’s future and those involved in the carnage as those who will benefit [...]

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